Once but humble caravan guards, our heroes step into a happening that will sunder their world… unless they can stop it.

This campaign is heavily based on the New World Computing RPG, Might and Magic 8: Day of the Destroyer. It is a beloved relic of my gaming past, and I wanted to share it with my gaming group.

…While I say my campaign is heavily based on the plot line of MM8, let it be said that it cannot follow the form and function of that game using the Pathfinder ruling system. I have taken it upon myself to (hopefully) not sully what I feel was the main driving plotline, while sticking in much of the dynamic that Pathfinder offers. Chopping out some of the static quests here to place more mobile fluff that may move from region to region. Things like active and mobile NPCs that simply weren’t programmed into the original game. Pen and paper has very keen and distinct advantages. :)

Our players have rolled up characters, and we have:

Devrentor, our dual-wielding Human Fighter. Hailing from Garrote Gorge, he wishes nothing more to punch a dragon in the mouth.

Gimli, a Dwarven Cleric of Torag. Travelling far and wide from Alvar, he quests for the legendary Hammer of Torag, as mandated by his order.

Keytah, a Sylph Witch. Origins unknown, she claims she fell from the sky and her motives are shrouded in secrecy. A small fox accompanies her, but only at the scant edges of vision, always just out of sight.

Nixya, a Half Elf Paladin, residing in Ravenshore. She brings her faith in the good to bear against her foes.

And, last but not least, Andraste, a Human Druid from the mysterious Murmurwoods. She seeks the well being and survival of all types of creatures, and strives to protect them best she can.

The Champions of Jadame